How does it work

In order to place advertisement to one of billboards scheduled for installation, the advertising client pays a certain amount of BLS tokens.

In order to rent a billboard:

1) Choose a billboard where you would like to place your advertisement from a website list showing the locations of such billboards.

2) Purchase the required amount of tokens.

3) Send advertisement materials to Smart-contract address.

After that we guarantee that advertisement will be placed onto the billboard and remain there for the prepaid period to the accuracy of a few seconds.

Regulation of Advertisement Content

Content publishing will be regulated by moderator. If such content does not comply with legislative requirements of the country where the chosen advertisement is located, this content will not be published and all tokens paid for it by the advertising client will be fully restored to him/her.

The moderator will require some time to process and confirm receipt of advertisement contents. After the processing is finished, advertiser will be automatically compensated for time lost during such procedure.

Advertiser Warranty

1) According to Smart contact (Bills, BLS) design, if some advertisement is already displayed on a billboard, the next advertisement can only be placed after the time scheduled for the previous one is over. Maximal amount of time for advertisement to be displayed at the billboard as well as the daily cost of such advertisement in BLS tokens will be established for every individual billboard.

2) We have no technical means to alter any data provided by the advertiser.

3) We are not involved in selling and issuing tokens to the advertiser. These operations are performed automatically by Smart-contract, thus ensuring that tokens are charged directly to advertiser account and excluding any potential human error. Our team has no relation to these operation and we do not have any technical means to meddle with them.

4) The term of rent is provided fully with time spent by moderator to process advertisement contents compensated to the advertiser.

Investor Warranty

1) Purchased tokens are left at your complete disposal and there are no technical means to take them away from you. As soon as you transfer a certain amount of ETH to the contract account, tokens will be sent to you immediately. This is how we have programmed the contract.

2) The amount of tokens we issued (3 000 000 BLS) will remain unchanged forever. We have no technical means to increase or decrease their amount.

3) The tokens are made indivisible in order to help advertiser to manage the amount of tokens required to place his/her advertisements. We cannot change this feature as well.

4) As the need for our service grows, so does the demand for tokens.

Review Source Code of our Smart-contract.

ICO ends in

2393.5 ETH / 10 000 ETH