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Bills → Project team

This is our team who participated in developing Bills.
Unfortunately, not all of our colleagues agreed to publish their personal information.

Max Lisnevski Twitter

Max became interested in blockchain technologies since they first emerged which eventually led to creation of Bills. He has previously helped to develop more than 32 web-projects.
Idea and code of Bills Smart-contract were proposed by him.

Sven Pritzlaff

Sven and Max developed and wrote the code together.
He has proposed several solutions to complex problems that occurred during development phase.

Stephanie Marie

Stephanie works at creating a community.

Konstantin Grosso

Konstantin tested operational capacities of Smart-contract during development phase. Thanks to him, we found several critical errors that we were able to fix in final code.

Lilian Nami

Lilian develops software models for future billboards.

Adam J.

Adam is our site developer and designer. He also works as a project moderator.

Axel Pralat

Axel is a project moderator. He is responsible for checking out advertisement contents.

Marvin Sundag

Marvin is our technician. He processes reports on technical details of our project.

Robert Strung

Robert is a lawyer with many years of practice.